Collection: Belt-Drive Pressure Washers

  • Belt-Drive pumps feature a pulley mounted to its solid shaft and is propelled by one or more belts connected to a pulley on the motor or engine. This pulley mechanism enables these pumps to operate at a significantly lower RPM compared to a direct drive pump, typically ranging between 900-1400 RPM. The crankcase of a belt drive pump has an increased oil capacity, contributing to a cooler running temperature. This, coupled with the lower RPM, ensures the pump remains cooler than a direct drive alternative. The pump is effectively shielded from the heat generated by the engine or motor. Moreover, belts and pulleys act as vibration absorbers, reducing pump fatigue. For applications involving heavy usage, a belt drive pump is often preferred. It is important to note that this system may experience some efficiency loss due to additional friction from belts and pulleys, and occasional maintenance is required for belt adjustments. Nevertheless, under similar conditions, the belt drive system is expected to yield the longest pump life.