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1/2FPT Stainless Steel Coupler Quick Connect 24.0065

1/2FPT Stainless Steel Coupler Quick Connect 24.0065


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Just Wash Stuff's Stainless Steel Couplers provide a quick and convenient quick-connect system for high-pressure joints, making it easy to disconnect hose lines, spray guns, or any pressure washing attachments swiftly. Our premium Stainless Steel line of fittings ensures customers a worry-free cleaning experience with anti-corrosive properties and ultra-reliable performance. These couplers are commonly found at joints where high-pressure fluid needs to be disconnected after use, such as lances, tips, and hoses.

As a rule of thumb, our 1/2" fittings are typically located between the pump and the spray gun, where 1/2" hoses are commonly used. When purchasing plugs and couplers, it's important to note that the Male model features exposed threads, while the Female version has threads on the interior of the fitting. This distinction ensures proper compatibility and efficient assembly of your pressure washing components. Trust in Just Wash Stuff for premium Stainless Steel Couplers that enhance your pressure washing experience with durability and reliable performance. 24.0065
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