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1/4 MEG High Pressure Tips Stainless Steel

1/4 MEG High Pressure Tips Stainless Steel


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SS 1/4 Meg Tip Sizes

Enhance your high-pressure surface cleaning with our 1/4 Meg SS Tips, specially designed for surface cleaners. These stainless steel tips provide durability and efficiency for your pressure washing tasks. Choose the degree and GPM options that match your machine and preferences, ensuring optimal performance.


  • 25040: 25 Degree 4.0 GPM Tip
  • 15055: 15 Degree 5.5 GPM Tip

Note: Tip numbers correspond to the degree and GPM size for proper flow. If your machine utilizes two tips, ensure the GPM is split for the right flow rate. Refer to the chart in the images above for more details on PSI and flow rates.

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