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3/8FPT Socket Quick Connect Brass 2401

3/8FPT Socket Quick Connect Brass 2401


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Just Wash Stuff’s Quick Connect Couplers (SKU: 24.0069) -  2401 Brass 3/8" FPT are brass-made couplers designed to facilitate quick and efficient connections in pressure washing systems. Here's a description:

 These couplers are equipped with a quick-connect mechanism, enabling swift and tool-free attachment and detachment of components in a pressure washing setup. The brass construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance, making them well-suited for the demanding conditions of pressure washing applications. With a 3/8" Female Pipe Thread (FPT) size, these couplers are commonly used in pressure washing systems, typically found at the end of Injectors, unloaders, hoses or the inlet of spray guns. Their versatility allows them to be employed in various pressure washing configurations, making them adaptable to different tools and accessories. The quick-connect feature facilitates easy and fast assembly, offering a convenient solution for users who need to switch between different components, such as nozzles or hoses, without the need for tools. These couplers enhance the reliability and longevity of the pressure washing system, providing a reliable and efficient solution for users in the pressure washing industry.

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