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Assembled J-rod With Tips

Assembled J-rod With Tips


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 J-rod Downstream Kits with nozzles specific for your machine.

Please choose your machine size from the menu, or we can replace these with your own preferences.

2-3 GPM kit includes: 0030(soap high), 0010(rinse high), 2530(soap low), 2510(rinse low)

4-5 GPM kit includes: 0040(soap high), 0010(rinse high) ,2540(soap low), 2510(rinse low)

6-7 GPM kit includes: 0040(soap high), 0015(rinse high), 2540(soap low), 2515(rinse low)

8-10 GPM kit includes: 0060(soap high), 0020(rinse high), 2560(soap low), 2520(rinse low)

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