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Fierce Jet 200ft Double Wire 7615PSI 3/8 Hose Rated Up To 311 Degrees

Fierce Jet 200ft Double Wire 7615PSI 3/8 Hose Rated Up To 311 Degrees


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Explore the power of the Fierce Jet 200-foot Double Wire Hose, boasting an impressive 7615 PSI and a 3/8-inch diameter. Specifically designed for use with heat up to 311 degrees, this hose is equipped with 2 Male 3/8 Threads for easy integration into your system.

Ensure a complete setup by including quick connect fittings in your order!

The Fierce Jet hose is constructed with durable double wire technology in a non-marking Grey finish. Available in 4300 PSI and 7600 PSI variants, this pressure washer hose is crafted for heavy-duty tasks. Rugged, reliable, and flexible, FIERCE JET ensures superior performance and an extended lifespan. Elevate your pressure washing experience with FIERCE JET, brought to you by The Hose Company.

Featuring a non-marking smooth cover and 1 & 2-wire braided construction, this hose can withstand temperatures up to 311ºF. Standard Male Ends with bend restrictors contribute to its overall durability and user-friendly design.

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