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GP INJECTOR 2.3mm HI-DRAW 5-8 GPM Machines

GP INJECTOR 2.3mm HI-DRAW 5-8 GPM Machines


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Just Wash Stuff's Downstream Chemical Injectors are devices designed for the precise introduction of cleaning agents downstream of your high-pressure pump. These injectors facilitate the seamless mixing of chemicals with pressurized water at the tip of your pressure washing wand or gun.

Operated by the "venturi" effect, these injectors ingeniously create a vacuum, drawing chemicals into the water stream as it courses through the device. This groundbreaking method allows for the application of chemicals at a lower pressure and flow rate, safeguarding delicate surfaces and ensuring the precise application of the intended amount of chemical.

Widely employed in various cleaning scenarios, Downstream Chemical Injectors are indispensable for cleaning buildings, vehicles, and outdoor surfaces. Additionally, they find frequent use in industrial settings where thorough cleaning and disinfecting are essential. Elevate your cleaning processes with the efficiency and precision offered by Downstream Chemical Injectors. Part Number 100776



2.3 mm


Rated PSI



3/8" NPT-M


3/8" NPT-M


190° F

Hose Barb


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0.3 lbs.

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