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MTM Hydro Original Foam Cannon Repair Kit

MTM Hydro Original Foam Cannon Repair Kit


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MTM Hydro Original Foam Cannon Repair Kit  SKU: 41.0400

MTM Hydro's Original Foam Cannon Repair kit is a replaceable maintenance item that fits all MTM Original style Foam Cannons. This kit comes with both, O-rings and a filter for replacement. The Filter is a woven Italian Stainless mesh that operates as an agitator when the chemical and pressurized stream hits it. To the naked eye, it looks similar to any other cannon filter, but once it is disassembled, there is a distinct woven pattern throughout the filter that was developed by our Italian engineers to ensure a thicker, clinging foam.

From the models we have tested, this Filter will fit in competing foam cannons in addition to MTM Hydro's. Don't expect the same results though, the MTM Hydro Stainless orifice and sequential conical chambers of our Cannons have equal importance to the foam output.

As an agitator, this item will get clogged over time and if you use waxes, the sticky compounds are notorious for causing a faster failure rate. If you suspect a clog, and you remove the agitator, there will be no noticeable issue as the sticky chemical compounds are driven deep into the middle which creates additional back-pressure and inhibits foam creation.

See image for verification of items included in this kit.

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