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Neutrapods LLC

Neutrapod 8oz Bag (10 Pack)

Neutrapod 8oz Bag (10 Pack)


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Just Wash Stuff premiers Neutrapods 8oz Bags in a Ten Pack - your ultimate solution for bleach neutralization!

Tired of the harmful effects of bleach runoff on your plants and property? Look no further! Neutrapods are the original dissolving bleach neutralizing pods designed to protect your plants and property. Simply place them strategically in gutters to neutralize sodium hypochlorite (bleach) runoff, ensuring the well-being of your landscape.

But that's not all - Neutrapods are a concentrated dry powder conveniently packaged in dissolving pouches. They can also be used for post-wash rinsing to neutralize bleach and salt residues on windows, roofs, plants, equipment, and even road salts.

Choose Neutrapods for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable approach to bleach neutralization.

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