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ST-2605 Spray Gun (commercial cleaner)

ST-2605 Spray Gun (commercial cleaner)


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ST-2605 Commercial Pressure Washing Gun: Efficiency Meets Durability

Unlock the potential of your commercial cleaning tasks with the ST-2605, designed to be a commercial cleaner's dream.


A commercial cleaner's dream, comfort technology designed trigger system actually helps the operator keep the trigger open. Fatigue is reduced, allowing longer work periods. If you have extreme abuse applications, the ST-2605 is up for the challenge with it's handle constructed of impact plastic.

Key Features:

  1. Relax-Action™ Technology: Engineered in Germany, the Relax-Action™ trigger system reduces trigger pulling force by a remarkable 40% and holding force by up to 90% compared to typical competitors' spray guns. This innovation ensures comfort and efficiency during extended cleaning sessions.

  2. Ergonomic Design: The ST-2605 boasts the easiest opening and holding trigger in its class, offering operators a hassle-free experience.

  3. Optimal Spray Angle: Achieve the perfect spray angle for optimal positioning of pressure points, enhancing your precision and control.

  4. Endurance for Extended Use: The Relax-Action™ is tailor-made for operators and applications requiring longer cleaning periods, effectively reducing fatigue and boosting productivity.

  5. Maximum Strength: With its forged brass housing, the ST-2605 ensures maximum strength and durability, even in demanding environments.

  6. Over Center Cam: Benefit from the over-center cam mechanism, which further contributes to the gun's ease of use and reliability.

Choose the ST-2605 Commercial Pressure Washing Gun for a superior cleaning experience. With its ergonomic design, advanced technology, and durability, it's the ideal tool for commercial cleaning professionals tackling extreme tasks.


Part # 202605600
Pressure 5000 PSI
Temperature 300° F
Flow Rate 12 GPM
Inlet 3/8" FPT
Outlet 1/4" FPT
Weight 1.28 lb
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