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ST-457 Twin Turbo Lance (For 8GPM Machines)

ST-457 Twin Turbo Lance (For 8GPM Machines)


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Just Wash Stuff brings you the Suttner 999456540 (ST-457) Twin Pressure Washer Rotary Spray Turbo Nozzle Tip Lance 6000 PSI.

This lance is perfect for paver strip jobs. Increases tearing action of the rotating spray is ideal for hard surface application, such as concrete graffiti cleaning or caked mud on heavy equipment.

The two turbo nozzles cover twice the amount of surface area resulting in saving time and money.

Length: 42 in.
Inlet: 1/4 in.
MNPT Weight: 4.28 lbs
Spray gun separately

Choose the size that best matches your pressure washers GPM (Gallons Per Minute) output. GPM values given are based on spraying water at 70 deg. F (21 deg C.) at 4000 psi.

Lower operating pressures will result in lower GPM flow rates.

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