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WaterBoss 750 Soft Wash Gun

WaterBoss 750 Soft Wash Gun


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WaterBoss 750 Soft Wash Gun  SKU: 750 SWS

Get the job done with the WaterBoss 750 Soft Wash Gun, a powerful tool designed for soft washing.

This 1/2" high flow gun comes equipped with a 1/2" swivel and is rated for 750psi, giving you the strength and control you need to tackle tough cleaning jobs.

The soft Wash gun includes stainless steel nozzles in three different orifice sizes:

- Small (pre-installed in gun)

- Medium (blue)

- Large (red)

Giving you versatile cleaning options, it also comes with an extra seat for the internal nozzle and a key ring to keep the water flowing smoothly.

Trust the WaterBoss 750 Soft Wash Gun to deliver reliable, high-performance results for all your soft washing needs.

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