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Whisper Wash

Whisper Wash Mondo Force 49" Surface Cleaner

Whisper Wash Mondo Force 49" Surface Cleaner


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Whisper Wash Mondo Force 49" Surface Cleaner SKU: M500


The Whisper Wash Mondo Force is a 49” x 25” flat surface cleaner featuring dual-swivels and dual-spray bars so that one machine can tackle tasks usually reserved for two machines and two operators. The cover is powder-coated aircraft grade aluminum surrounded by a 1 inch nylon brush to protect from overspray. Four 3” pivoting casters allow the operator to easily guide the Mondo Force in any direction. Two signature Whisper Wash machined and balanced spray bars rotate underneath, providing the pressure cleaning force your operation requires. The two Signature Whisper Wash Swivels with two self-lubricating twin thrust bearings provide the power. The dual Swivel design increases the efficiency and performance 50% compared to a single swivel.

Utilizing a new double-direction handle bracket, the Mondo Force can operate in spaces normally too small for a machine of this size by simply switching the handle direction and running the unit the longways. The ergonomically designed handle eliminates operator fatigue and increases safety while covering the maximum surface area possible.

This unit is built to handle those big jobs and get them completed with quality and efficiency, cleaning an impressive 49” path. The Mondo Force is all about getting the task completed making short work of those long miles that need to be cleaned.

Features: Quick Connection, Trigger Gun Controlled, Aluminum Break-a-part Handle for storage, 49 x 25” Aluminum Powder Coated Cover, Balanced & Machined Spray Bar,       (4) 3” pivoting casters, Hot or Cold Water Applications. 

Hot or Cold Water – Max Temp 212 degrees F, 2,000 to 4,000 PSI,  8-12 GPM modified up to 20 GPM, 2500 Max RPM, Operating Weight 52 lbs.


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